Following an all-India meeting of members and supporters, we have taken a series of decisions about the future of our work. This follows major developments in the Indian and world situation, as well as a general transformation across our international, that create huge opportunities for genuine revolutionary communists.

In the last year, the International Marxist Tendency has seen a total revolution across all of its sections and groups. By boldly grasping the banner of communism in a context where the horrors of capitalism have never been more visible – particularly through Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza – our organisation has grown at an unprecedented rate.

In India, the recent shock election result that saw Modi lose his majority was a glimpse of the real mood of anger and hatred towards the system. The tremendous farmers’ struggle and some of the biggest strikes in human history in recent years are further evidence of this. While India is celebrated worldwide for its economic growth, the reality is this has only stuffed the pockets of capitalist crooks like Adani and Ambani. The vast majority of workers, farmers and youth experience nothing but poverty and hardship.

The bourgeois opposition parties like Congress offer no road forward: they serve the same system as Modi. When the capitalist crisis in India really arrives, these ladies and gentlemen will push themselves forward to serve the interests of capitalism, which means attacking the workers and poor. There is a vacuum on the political left, with the many Stalinist Parties in India having exposed their rottenness and false ideas time and again.

There is a need for a real communist organisation which can tap into this mood. India has fine revolutionary and communist traditions, and the ideas of communism are on the minds of millions, especially the youth. Over years of patient work, we have gathered small but important bases in key parts of the country. 

Now is the time to take Lenin’s advice and lay down the foundations of a professional cadre organisation that can be a point of reference for radical workers and youth.

  • Following an online vote, the name of the organisation will be the Revolutionary Communists of India, abbreviated: RC(I).
  • Theory and education are our first duties, but we are not a discussion club. We are building a revolutionary communist organisation. All members will declare their willingness to join and build branches, in person, and contribute financially to the building of the organisation. If you have not already joined, and wish to build with us, please fill out our membership form:
  • Communism is international, or it is nothing. The Indian group is part of an international organisation with a presence in over 70 countries: the embryo of the world communist party of the working-class. All comrades are strongly encouraged to participate in the founding conference of the Revolutionary Communist International in two days’ time (10 June), all sessions will be streamed online:

In the coming weeks, we will fully relaunch our website, social media accounts etc. to reflect these changes.

We extend a hand to all class fighters in India: we stand in the tradition of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. We stand in the tradition of Bhagat Singh.

We stand for the revolutionary transformation of society: for the end of capitalism, and the building of socialism to end hunger, misery, poverty and war.

If you share these goals, join us!

Long live the Revolutionary Communists of India!

Long live the Revolutionary Communist International!