IMT India Statement on the 18th G20 Countries Meeting in New Delhi

As the G20 summit in New Delhi ends, we are raising our voice in dissent against the farcical conference of bourgeois leaders, imperialists and capitalist despots, which failed to deliver a single solution to the many disasters resulting from the international crisis of capitalism. 

The Modi government left no stone unturned to showcase India as the best place to exploit workers and generate profits. The conference, which caused the eviction of thousands of people in Delhi NCR, and saw the slums covered up behind green banners, did not utter a single word against the utter misery facing the billions of workers and poor in India, nor any of the G20 nations. 

The priority of the conference was to ‘stabilise’ the world economy, at the cost of undermining workers’ conditions and slashing social security. In other words, its objective was to guarantee a steady flow of profit at the expense of the majority of people, trapped in a nightmare of inflation, instability and war. And it will not even succeed at achieving this stability, given the depth of the current crisis.

As far as India is concerned, not a single resolution was taken to counter the most pressing issues of the day, for instance, inequality, unemployment, and the persecution of religious minorities. 

Countries like Pakistan, Zambia, Ghana, Sri Lanka, which are facing a debt repayment crisis, did not receive anything to support their populations. Instead, the IMF demands the imposition of more austerity programmes in the name of debt repayment. The IMF and WTO also pledged to reduce state healthcare budgets worldwide so that private players can generate more profits. 

The imperialists remain deadlocked over their proxy war in Ukraine. Indicative of the relative decline of US imperialism and the fracturing of the so-called ‘western alliance’ (which in actuality does not include the majority of G20 nations), no statement of condemnation was passed against Russia. Naturally, there can be no support for any of the warmongers involved in this conflict, who have absolutely nothing in common with the interests of the world working class. 

The diminished power of western imperialism means, however, that greater instability is on the agenda, as we have begun to see in the series of coups that have swept western and central Africa. At the G20 talking shop, no solutions were forthcoming to the poverty, misery and inequality creating mass rage on the African continent, which represents a ticking time bomb of class struggle.

The G20, which purports to represent two-thirds of the world’s population and four-fifths of its economy, offers nothing but deeper hardship for the global working class. We have no faith in the toadying bourgeois politicians in the so-called developing world, who lack the spine to utter a single word for the common people against the privations inflicted by imperialism. 

We reject the demagogy of the Modi government, which seeks to promote India as a ‘bigger player on the world stage’: which in actuality means Indian capitalism having a seat at the table amongst the world’s biggest exploiters, while the Indian people face ever-worsening conditions.

We, on behalf of IMT India, carry more responsibility, operating within the host nation, to condemn the shameful and spineless behaviour of the so-called world leaders. We call on the international community of the working class, poor and youth to rise in rage against capitalism, fight for revolution, and win world communism in our lifetimes.