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  • What is dialectical materialism?

    What is dialectical materialism?

    Do we need a philosophy? Scientific socialism or Marxism is composed of three component parts: Dialectical Materialism, Historical Materialism and Marxist Economics. This pamphlet, the first in this series, is an introduction to the concepts of Dialectical Materialism – the method of Marxism. For those unacquainted with Marxist philosophy, dialectical materialism may seem an obscure…

  • Marxism and Religion

    Marxism and Religion

    What Marxists want The aim of Marxists is to fight for the socialist transformation of society on a national and international scale. We believe that the capitalist system has long ago outlived its historical usefulness and has converted itself into a monstrously oppressive, unjust and inhuman system. The ending of exploitation and the creation of…

  • Indian and Islamic philosophy

    Indian and Islamic philosophy

    Alan Woods has written an extra chapter to his book on the History of Philosophy dealing with the historical development of Indian and Islamic philosophy. He separates out the progressive from the reactionary elements, and also highlights the great contribution of both to philosophical thinking on a world level. 1) India. Indian philosophy is traditionally divided into…